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Get to keep my job after a discussion with management

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Feb. 19th, 2013 | 09:30 pm
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I wrote an email explaining that I can't get 152 users upgraded 4 at a time with telephone tag with a phone with no voicemail in a week and a half. I went on explaining what I needed done and came up with the idea of mass emailings that they must bring all computers to me or I will remove them from the list to upgrade.

Management approved finally, but now comes the fun part of practice. I stayed late for free off the click today for several hours with more broken computers to meet my quota. Tomorrow I plan to do another 12 to 14 hour shift and then come home and do homework. I am getting sore for being on my feet but I am losing weight even if I eat like a pig if I am working all day. I tested the lab today and the engineers still have not connected the ethernet hubs yet. So I will have to do them at my desk with a 4 port switch.

So I got another car now which I do not want as it is a luxury car that does not get great gas mileage. It is a Hyundai g350.

I got my test results back and I failed the math exam to teach with a 195, but only needed a 200. UGH so damn close! The good news is I can study again and pass it. I forgot the trig. There were also weird things with conjugents that I forgot where they tested the theory more than the application.

Nielsen is getting better. I sadly hope they do not hire me. I want more money and I have to make a decision on whether to stay in I.T. or give up that career field and go teach instead. I hate doing just one thing and not growing more in salary and responsibility. To me without that challenge it feels like a job rather than a self identity I had for myself since I was a child. Maybe a guy thing?

I had a romantic interest for the first time since post divorce. However, she changed and I think ran away from me. She stopped texting me back and deleted her facebook which I found odd. She is just a friend anyway but when I almost got that job in San Diego I thought about spending some time with her. Did I scare her off? I did not hit on her at all recently. I kept asking her how her day was and what was going on with things every few weeks. Maybe she cut me off because she wanted to try something with this other guy? I know she had a crush on me back when I was married. I think I deal with feelings in my head more than real life and there is a strong disconnect, but I was trying to initiate a RT and be close friends with her. I do not know if I will find someone who will love me but it showed me I can care for someone else and yes be in a happy relationship again. This sounds lame but it is a very important step for me in this very long process. It means I do not have to only wait for my crazy ex or be alone forever with no intimacy for anyone else. This was not a RT that developed at all, but I can get into one and recipicate even with that rude gesture while she kept texting me all back and forth.

... weird unless you have been divorced yourself to understand this concept as this was something I had to experience first. I guess I can date again is what I am trying to say.

I am tired and have things to do so TTFN.

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