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Profile of an American Legend

16 October 1976
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  • sinistertim101
Qualities about me: I am a typically male in my early 30's trying to find myself. I work for a cool game publisher doing help desk and I am a recent college student.

Things about me:

- I never update this and its probably old. :-)
- I am liberal and talk about politics
- I am becoming more conservative politically overtime and may join the dark side :-)
- I like people who are loyal and honest
- I have aspergers/mild autism
- I like to meet new people and socialize even though I am not really good at it
- I enjoy the sciences and logic in my schoolwork
- I like to travel and do things outdoors
- I am dyslexic and a bad speller so grammar police please look elsewhere. :-)

Things I dislike

- Honda Civics
- I dislike people who are backstabbers, liers, people who like to start arguments, or those who have nothing better to do but to judge others.
- I also dislike people who get a high on powertrips.
- People who are dishonest.

It's my stapler.

I moderate my former college ccsn which is fairly dead but someone's got to do it. Odd since its in Las Vegas and I am here in Alaska now. :-)

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